Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku

Aquaman: You must know that there are six rectangles and in each rectangle there must be all the numbers between 1 and 6. You must only use the number once in each row.
Emma-You must remember that each row contains all the numbers from 1 to 6 and each column has all the numbers 1 to 6. Good luck!
Page 2 -
Aquaman: You should make sixteen squares. Then put them in two groups and then do that through the whole thing.

Emma- In this problem try to find a pattern. The numbers in the pattern will get lower and lower every time.
#2 Aquaman: Read the problem over about two or three times
Emma- Remember the number has to be EVEN!

#3 Aquaman: Remember what meadian, mean and mode means and how they are used, if you can't remember them.
Emma- Mean is the average. Mode is the number most repeated, the most. Median is the one in the middle ex: (2 4 5 6 7 8 9) 6 would be the median. I figured out the median, mode and mean for all the numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, there is a pattern in 10 12 13 for the mean. Good Luck!

#4 Aquaman: Divide it into four smaller L's of equal size.

Page 3 -
#1 Aquaman: You should use graph paper for this problem.

#2 Aquaman: I'm having trouble with this one!!!

#3 Aquaman: Turn the percentage into a decimal to make it easier to divide.
Emma- For field goal I did 48 shoots times 37.5% baskets times 2 piont baskets =?
For free throws I did 20 shoots times 55% baskets=?
Now do the same thing for the Tigers.

#4 Aqauman: Do it the same way and make them into squares and put two squares together andthen one gets crossed out until you find the winner.
Emma- Remember every member has to play ONE game with every member.

Page 4 -
#1 Aquaman: This one will take you a while to figure out!!!

#2 Aquaman: You first should know what a square centimeter is.
Emma- Try to complete the rest of the square. Find out what fraction of the shape is shaded.

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!
#1 Aquaman: In all four of these problems there is going to be multiplication!!
#2 Don't forget .

#3 Aquaman: If you use a calculator put your work on the POW PACKET or on another piece of paper!

#4 Aquaman: You might not need your calculator for this one. The multiplication is pretty easy.
Emma- You can use a calculator for this problem, you just have to remember to write down what you put into it. SHOW WORK!
Multiply the price with the packages for the hot dogs, buns, hamburgers and rolls, then add all the answers tougher and you get the final answer.