Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku
Kristin- I can help you only with the 1ST puzzle, because I couldn't get the 2ND one. So for the first one I will give you the numbers from the upper most row and you have to figure out what all the others are. If I begin from left to right the numbers are: 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Yaren- I used the numbers from 1 to 6, every rows and columns one time.

Minha- So for the second part, try from the very left side of the puzzle. There are the numbers 3,6,2 from the top... It would be more easier.

Page 2 -
#1 Kristin- The number i got was between 200 and 300, if u got something different please let me know. .

Yaren- This is how i solved the problem. The first competing teams played 8 games. The second competing teams played 4 games. The third competing teams played 2 games. The final 1 game has played, than you can add up all and you will find the answer.
Minha- Oh, I used the same way. But if you don't understand you could make a chart. It would be more easier... May be....

#2 Kristin- Remember that a cube or an square has 4 edges. So it says its an even number, multiple and the digits are pair. If you really think of that you can easily find out the number.

Yaren- So it says, A multiple of eleven, not odd, but even and have a pair of digits I be (22,44,66,88). When multiplied there, make a cube and a square: 88 8x8=64 the cube root of 64 is 4 because 4 to the power of 3 = 64.
Minha- Thanks ~ >_< guys...

  • digits(a pair) : two digits
  • cube : y.y.y = y to the 3 power

#3 I added the numbers with an other one and got my answer. If the answer is right, my number is between 9 and 15.

Yaren- If we know how to find the mean, median and mode, it is easy to find the answer. First, i find the median. Than i find the mean and mode.
Mean= Add up list of numbers divide the sum by the number of items on the list.
Median= Middle number in a set of data.
Mode= The number that appears most often in a set of data. Hope that helps!

Minha- The number x has to be one of the number from the (). You just have to choose one number from the (3,4,5,8) and then find the mode,median and mean.

#4 Kristin- For the second figure I have four equal parts and they all are triangles, you have to figure out where to locate them. By the way does somebody know the first figure, if yes please give me a hint.

Yaren- I used the graph paper and it helped me a lot.

Minha- Oh, it's really easy.. KRISTIN!!!!! All the shapes are same as the big one.

Page - 3
#1 Kristin- For this problem, I kind of got the answer but the board doesn't fit at all. So I cut it about in the middle and put it in the whole but there are some millimeters left on both sides. If that is happening also to you please tell me so I will know if it is supposed to look like this.

Yaren- I used the graph paper.
Minha- So the board is 10cm by 3cm... and the hole is 15cm by 2cm...
If you divide the board 2cm by 3cm and there will be five of those... then you will see ... how it fits into the hole...

Yaren- The pattern far A,B and C horizantally is +3+3+2. The pattern for A,B and C vertically is +1-2.

Minha- Oh , thanks!!!! now I got it...

Yaren- First for... Lions: I did 37.5/100 of the number taken and i got the answer. Then i did 55/100 of the number taken and got the answer. After that, i added the answers and got the final answer for Lions. For Tigers: I did 45/100 of the number taken and got the answer. Then i did 66.666/100 of the number taken and got the answer. Then i did the same i just added the answers and got the final answer for Tigers.

Minha- Does anyone know how to solve this question???

Minha- okay ...These are the suggestion from the other class.. It halped me a lot!!!

Seoyeon - You should probably find out the percentages of the FIELD GOALS MADE and FREE THROWS. Look at the numbers carefully so you don't make a mistake. If the percentages are mean, like being 37.5%, use the calculator. Although don't forget to write the steps you did on the calculator! Oh, remember there are two teams. Lions and Tigers.

Bonna- Here's a hint for Lions: You, multiply the numbers taken(48) by the % made(.375). That = the total shots. Now, you multiply that answer by 2. Then, with that answer you add the number taken (20). Finally, multiply that answer by the % made (.55). Then you got the answer!!
Here's a hint for Tigers: You, multiply the numbers taken(40) by the % made(.45). That = the total shots. Now, you multiply that answer by 2. Then, with that answer you add the number taken(18). Finally, multiply that answer by the % made (.666). Then you got the answer!! Hope this help!!

#4 Kristin- I multiplied the members times the games they played and I got my final answer.

Yaren- 1st member played.............................................9 games
2nd member has already played 1 game.....9-1=8 games played.
3rd member has already played 2 games..9-2=7 games played.
4th member has already played 3 games...9-3=6 games played.
5th member has already played 4 games...9-4=5 games played.
6th member has already played 5 games...9-5=4 games played.
7th member has already played 6 games...9-6=3 games played.
8th member has already played 7 games...9-7=2 games played.
9th member has already played 8 games...9-8=1 games played.
..................................................................................................+ ------
.................................................................................................the answer

Minha- I used same way.. But If you get the pattern(9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1+0) at first time... you just have to add them all...

Page 4 -
Yaren- Everycorner has triominoes and one in the middle.

Yaren- If you divide the rest of the square into triangles. There are eight triangles. First, find the total area of the square, Than find one of the triangles area. You can get two shaded triangles area.

Minha- Here is the tips!!!! If there are two same triangles, it is same as one square!!!

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!
Yaren- You can find the L.C.M off 10 and 8. You can get the answer.
Minha- As we learned before in the class, the Tree division things... I don't remeber what it calls.. but, it would help you a lot to finde the LCM.....

Yaren-The L.C.M of 6 and 8 is the answer.
Minha- This one ,too...
#3 Minha- The LCM of the both anwser (LCM of 10 and 8) and (LCM of 6and 8) is the anwser.

Yaren- First, you have to find the LCM of 10, 6 and 8. Than you can calculate how many packages of hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and rolls.

#4 Minha- You just have to calculate the money that it cost and add them together.
Yaren- If you know how many packages hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and rolls multiplied by their cost, and add it all up, you will get the answer.