Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku
Camilla- What I do is I just start writing the numbers in and then when I have a problenm I count the numbers I have putten in.
Sophie- As a hint, I would say that before you start, look at which boxes contain the least numbers and try to figure them out, then do the same with rows and columns.
Essy - I would say to start at the boxes with the most amount of number and work your way from that. Remember that each box or row has to have all the numbers from 1-6.

Page 2 -
Sophie- If 16 teams play against each other it would be easy to just choose 2 teams that play against each other. For example, if team 1 and team 2 play, there will be only one winner and one remaining team.
Essy - If there are sixteen games then you should know that each team has to play against each other and 1 team should win and go on. Keep going until all the teams are done and there is 1 team that won.
Essy - The first thing that I did was find out what number I could multiply to make a cube but first i did a square then a cube.

Sophie- The easiest and the most simple to find out first is the median, it almost gives you an answer. And then you can calculate the mode and the mean to come to the same result.
Essy - I was never really any good at this mean and median. So i looked it up and I did find out what they meant. And I found that it was easier to start with the median and then move on.

Camilla- for this one I will just give you a hint: in the first figure 3 there are 3 equal parts and in the second one you can find 5 equal parts.
Sophie- For the 2nd Figure, I found out that the diagonal line is not drawn optimal. Draw it with the correct 45° Angle and the solution will be found very easily :).
Essy - I thought it was easy to find equal parts for the first figure and the second figure was a bit harder but if you look at it in different ways it can be easy.

Page 3 -
Camilla- in this problem you can use a ruler. But you might be able to notice the result really fast.
Essy - First i look at all the numbers and see what all the numbers have in common and then the rest was pretty easy.

Camilla- I tryed the possibilities many times before getting the right answer.
Essy - at first i could not get the answer but if try the different possibilities and even the weird ones i got it.

Camilla- I don't understand this can somebody explain???
Sophie- You have to divide and multiply the number taken and the percent made to find out how many they got in and that, not in percents. Then you can just add the two together, do the same with the other team.

Essy - I just remembered that in basket ball the score always goes by 2 and football doesn't.

Camilla- I am not sure about it but... 16 teams playing against each other.
Team 1 has to play against 2, 3, 4, 5... 10 so he plaid 9 games. Team 2 plays against 3,4,5,6,7... 10 but he will not play against team 1 because he already did, so he plaid 8 games. What I did is that I started to make a chart.
Team 1= 2-3-4...10 = 9 games
Team 2= 3-4-5...10 = 8 games
Team 3= 4-5-6...10 = 7 games... and then I went on until Team 10 and I added all of the games each group played togheter.

Essy - This one is kind of like the first one about baseball so i just did the same thing.

Page 4 -
Camilla- what I did is I started from the ones closer to the right top angle.
Essy - What I did was start from the middle and go on and i found it really easy from the middle.

Sophie- For this one, I will give you a hint, it's like figuring out the half and so on...
Camilla- I found it helpful to divide the square in all equal parts and see which parts were colored. Then I simplified the answer.

Essy - I kind of did the same on the other side and i just went on from there and found it easy. (I hope i did it right)

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!
Essy - I looked at all the factors for both and i found the first one that was the same for both.
Camilla- what I did is I made the 8 and 10 a fraction and then I simplified it.


Essy - I did the same thing that i did for the first question. (I hope i read it right)

Essy - I was not completely sure about this one but i think you should do the same but with all 3 types of food.

Essy - I just add the price to the types of food for how many.