Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku

S.P: Hi, I'm Sae Won. Sudoku #1 is quite easy, because there are many have-to-be-there numbers. But in Sudoku #2, you have to guess and check. There isn't any other way that I know of.
A.L: Hi, Im Alina. This is a tip that always helps me with any sudoku, do one dark outlined box at a time.

Page 2 -

S.P:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 (teams)
In the first round, there are 8 games played. After the first round, only 8 teams can play the games ahead.
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
In the second round, there are 4 games played. After the second round, only 4 teams can play the games ahead.
4 8 12 16
In the third round, there are 2 games played. This is the semi-final. After the third round, only 2 teams can play in the final round.
8 16
This is the last game.
Think of the Worldcup, they use the same method. So add 8(games), 4(games), 2(games), 1(games). 8+4+2+1=15 The shortcut:; I figured another pattern. Number of the teams-1=Number of games

A.L: The amount of teams is always divided by two, because two teams = one game. ex. 16 teams, 8 games. Now, there are only 8 teams lef, keep going on like this with the method I explained, and at the end it will be two teams left so one more game.

S.P:A multiple of eleven I be, not odd, but even you see.
=22, 44, 66, 88, 110.....
My digits (a pair),
=There are only two digits. Possibilty:22, 44, 66, 88
when multiplied there, make a cube and a square out of me.
I didn't quite got the meaning of this, but I looked other classmates' pow forum, and checked out.
It just means: tens place number*ones place number=y*y*y=x*x
88======>8*8=64 64=4*4*4

A.L: It says ''My digits (a pair)'' that means they have to be 2 digits. It also says that its even, so that only puts you down to four numbers: 22, 44, 66, 88.

S.P: The key word is mode. Mode means the most popular/frequent number in a number group.
(3, 4, 5, 8, x) There isn't a most frequent number, so x must be one of the number.

S.P: The separating figures are similar(math term). It works for all of them.
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The pattern======> +3, +3, +2 Using this pattern you should be able to find the place for 9.
S.P: 48*37.5%=lions field goals that are made.
20*55%=lions free throws that are made.
40*45%=Tigers field goals that are made.
18*(66/100+1/100*2/3)=Tigers free throws that are made

A.L: LIONS - You have to multiply 48 by 37.5% times 2 since in basketball, each basket is worth 2 points. Then, you have to do 20 times 55%.
TIGERS - You have to multiply 40 by 45% times 2 again, and then 18 times 66.66%.

S.P: First person plays 9 games.
Second person plays 8 games.
Third person plays 7 games.
Fourth person plays 6 games.
And so on.

A.L: Make 10 circles, squares or any other shape you like. Make sure to draw them on a piece of paper with space, so you can leave enough space between the circles. Start on one circle, and star drawing lines to the other circles, but make sure to keep track of your count. Then when you have connected 1 circle to all the other ones, go to another circle and do the same thing. Remember one thing though, you have already connected the first to the second circle, so dont reconnect it, or you will mess the whole thing up.

Page 4 -
S.P: Start covering the edges first.

A.L: Think out of the box. Keep trying to play around, try new things. This might help or not, but the finished product looks like three arrows pointing downward into the left corner.

Part a. Divide other half of the square in to 4 equal pieces like the other half. Then you will get it.
Part b/Area Question: The area of the square is 25cm. If you got the fraction then set up a equation like this:
25*the fraction that you got for part a.

A.L: The square is ''cut'' in half, and then one half is ''cut'' in 4 equal parts. Do the same thing with the other half, and then look at the shaded part.

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!
S.P:LCM between hot dog packages and hot dog buns.

A.L: Go the multiplication rows through your head, or write them down, and the look for the Least Common Multiple.
S.P:LCM between hamburger patties and hamburger rolls.

A.L: Do the same thing as for number 1 except with the numbers they give you.
S.P: LCM between #1 and #2.

A.L: This time, take your answers from 1 and 2 and look for the least common multiple between 8, 6, and 10.