Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku

Ben- If the Sudoku on the Pow is too hard (Especially for people who just started playing, then why don't you try out some other ones to get good at. That way your paper wont get ripped from eraser marks :). Click Here To Play Sudoku

Page 2 -
#1 Ben- It helps alot if you use brackets to do this one. Don't be afraid to do them on the Pow and not on scratch. If you don't know what brackets are for the non-sport fans then you can use the second link to learn how brackets work. The second link is for a bracket template which all you have to do is print and fill out to figure out how it works.**Click here to learn how brackets work** For a Bracket Template Click here
D.P- with this one it is much easier to just do one group at a time than do them all at once
A.L= Draw the diagram of the games of sixteen teams then cross out the losers. It will help you to imagine the progress.

#2 A.L= Take care that this number has two digits (a pair), even and a multiple of eleven. It means only four numbers. Examine these numbers: which of those digits multiplied, can be a cube (n*n*n) AND a square ( y*y) number at the same time?

#3 Ben- If you forgot your math vocab and don't have your binder with you then why not click on this link to learn what mode median and mean mean. Click Here
A.L= Mode means the number used most frequently. It means that we have to repeat either 3,4,5 or 8!


Page 3 -
#1 A.L= The area of the board and the hole is the same so you have to use the whole board. Try to remember that the whole is only 2" inches wide so try to make 2" inches wide of the 3" inches board. The board is 10" inches long so its two parts must complete each other to 15" inches to cover the hole.

#2 you must look hard at this one untill you see the patten.

#3 A.L= Remember how to count the percentages and how to multiply fractions with each other.

#4 A.L= No player plays with itself!

Page 4 -
#1 D.P-try them all randomly and you will find that there are many ways to make it.

#2 A.L= Don't start counting the fraction with centimeters, first try to find the equal triangles and their relation with the original square.

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!



#4 A.L= Always check your counting several times on the calculator because you work with alot of numbers. I got different answers for the first three :\