Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku

Emma- For the sudoku, some of the numbers you won't be able to figure out unless you do a different box.
Page 2 -

L.D.F- For this one, I always start from the beginning. Start with 1 and then go up. If one is not there, look at the very top (the first line) and then go down if one is already there.

#1 Alla- For this question, just think logically. Think that the teams don´t play alone so every game two teams play!!! Here is an example: " 6 teams play 3 games"

#1 L.D.F I really don't understand this one. It is really confusing!!!Can somebody please help me?

#2) Emma- When it says 'My digits (a pair), when multiplied there, make a cube and a square out of me', you have to remember that it says that it's an even number, and and it is a multiple of eleven. So the only possible numbers that you could use are 22, 44, 66, and 88, right? It also says 'make a cube and a square out of me'. At first I was like, 'What the heck is that supposed to mean?!' But then I thought about it, and I figured out that it means that when it says '...and a square out of me', that it means to the second power. And when it says, 'Make a cube...', it means to find the cube root. Finding the cube root means to find a number that when multiplied to the third power, you end up with the same number. (Ex. The cube root of 64 is 4 because if you do 4 cubed, (4^3) you end up with the same number. It also says 'My digits (a pair) when multiplied there.' That just means that you multiply the two digits, and then find out the cube root. (Sorry it's kinda long! But hope it helps!) L.D.F- Thanks Emma! That does really help! But know I have 4 different answers and I am not sure which one is the correct one. Can you help me?

#3 Alla- For this question, I could only divide into 3 parts......
#3 L.D.F- This is what Mean, Median, and Mode mean.What you should do here is, first write down the words: Mean, median, and mode. Then you start by figuring out the mean. The mean is all of the numbers added up together and then divided up by how many numbers there are. (Example: If the numbers are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 you would add them all together and then divide by 5 because there are 5 numbers.) The answer is then your mean. The median is the number that you find in the middle. (Example: If the numbers are 4, 7, 6, 8, 5, you would first put those numbers from smallest to largest. So 4,5,6,7,8. Then, you would cross out the 2 numbers at the end. So 4 and 8. then 7 and 5 and the last number is 6 because you can't cross off any other numbers. And that is the median. Then, the mode, is the number that you find most. (Example: You found 6 the most so 6 is your mode.) And that is what the 3 words mean.

#4 Alla- I don´t really get number 4! Does anybody have good strategies?
Emma- You should use graph paper. It does say that, but trust me, it works. The shape might not be one that you have heard of!

#4 L.D.F- I really DO NOT understand this one! It is really confusing! I just don't get it!

Page 3 -
#1 Emma- This one is really confusing! Can anyone help?
#1 L.D.F- So the hole is 15 by 2. Right? and the Board is 10 by 3. So, you since you can't put that in because the board is too thick and short you have to cut it down a bit. Do you get it?



#4 L.D.F-For this one, you have to be careful when you are counting! Make sure you don't count the same games twice!

Page 4 -
#1 I´m not sure, but I think that one triominoe is 3 squares...
#1 L.D.F-I really don't get these 2!

#2 L.D.F-I really don't get these 2!

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!
#1) Emma- Write what you know on the paper. If you don't understand the question, keep rereading until you understand!
#1 L.D.F- What i did is multiply the numbers by each other. That might help you.