Please share your strategies for the following problems.
Page 1 - Sudoku
Kayla- It is easier if you chose a way that you will do it for instant: row by row, box by box or number by number.
anl,Katie- (Add on to Kayla's suggestion) Stick to that pattern unless you have to try another way to get the answer, but after that switch back to the other pattern.
Page 2 -

Kayla- When doing this problem think lowest common factor.


Kayla- Write down all the numbers that go to the first step, then eliminate the ones that do not match the next step and so on.

Chantel- Just to let you know: Mean= Average , Median= The Middle number , Mode= Most frequently used number. Hope this help.
Kayla- Make a number line and graph the numbers. Next figure out what the answers are to the answer and see what you have to do so that all the answers match.

anl- This problem took me a long time but be patient. Here is a tip- Use the smaller shapes inside the shape. For example- in the L shape, use smaller L's.

Page 3 -
Chantel- I definitely think it would be very smart to use block paper, and try cut the board so it kinda looks like a puzzle.

Kayla- Try to find a pattern that always happens in one colon, then add the missing numbers.

#3 anl katie: You can try converting the persentages to fractions to get the answer(Lowest Common Denominator) and from there multiplying. Don't forget that the feild goals are two points so you have to multiply by 2 but the free throws you don't have to multiply by two because they are worth one point.

Kayla- Remember what Mr. Kerln said in class. use the LCD ( lowest common factor) when making the percents to fractions.


Kayla- If you can't do it in your mind then do it on paper and draw the people and do the math.

Chantel- It helps if you put a bunch of objects out and move the objects around in a circle until you get two them playing together again.

Page 4 -
Kayla- There might be a wrong way that you try at first but the get it, then write over the marks in something darker like a pen or a marker so it is easy to see your answer.
#2. anl- If you fill in the remaining space then find the fraction then it makes life easier. But on the other question you have to find the area and go from there.

Page 5 Cartoon Corner - Hot Ziggety Dog!!
#1) anl: Don't try going through the whole number system trying to find a number that both of the numbers go into. You want to find the Lowest Common Denominator.
Kayla- (Add on to what Katie said) After finding the lowest common denominator then find out how many they are ffor later in the problems.


anl:This one has a long process but just take your answers from number three and you can work from there. Don't Forget to SHOW WORK!
Chantel-(Adding on to Katie) All you really have to do for that one is multiply to number of packs you bought of those things in number 3 by the price, it is really simple.